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Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Sim Free Smartphone

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Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Black GTS5830OKAXEU Phones Mobile Phones

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EAN 4250344856894
Manufacturer Samsung Phones
Model GT-S5830OKAXEU
SKU Samsung-Galaxy-Ace


Rating Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Sim Free Smartphone Customer Reviews
I bought this phone from the Carphone Warehouse rather than from Amazon, and I think it's a great phone. My last phone worked on android and since I broke it, I wanted to get another android. The Ace is a good android phone, with most of the pre-loaded apps being rather useful and the camera on it is, in my opinion the best I've seen on a phone. It has options to change...
I have had my handset from T mobile for 5 days. My handset has a problem with sending texts - 70% of my texts just get the message 'failed'. I then have to resend -sometimes up to 5 times before the text goes. Samsung is aware of this problem and advise customers to switch to 2G only setting if this happens to you. A hassle, but it does work. Samsung are working on a fix...
As a 50 something, I thought it was time I joined the smart phone revolution and after looking at many brands and models, I settled on the Samsung Galaxy Ace. Why this one (1)size - still small enough to fit confortably in my trouser pockets, yet with a good size screen, (2) weight/build - some of the others just felt so flimsy, (3)I have a hearing loss and many phones didn't have a high enough volume for me, I can hear on the Ace perfectly even in a noisy environment, (4)touch screen is very reactive and easy to use, (5) loads of apps, though I had to ask friends for recommendations as I was in sensory overload with the quantity available. I really love Google Street View, it will be brilliant when I next go on holiday, finding my way round new places. Also like Kindle app and screen is not too small for reading, (6) Texting is so simple and I am getting used to swype, (7) camera and video are very good, (8) have loaded some music from my I-Tunes folder, though the album covers disappeared; sound qaulity is very good. Negative points - battery runs out quickly if using the internet and some apps; phone has turned itself of a couple of times for no apparent reason. Would recommend this phone and already having a look at it's big brother the samsung Galaxy S for when my contract runs out.
This phone delivers a great user experience, especially if you use Google services (i.e. search, Gmail, G+ , Picasa Google Talk etc). Granted this is not unique to the Samsung phone but rather generic features of android phones.In terms of the handset itself the screen is excellent , although not as good as an Iphone's (to be expected at the lower price point). Battery life is a little disappointing but that is really nitpicking at what is otherwise a fine piece of equipment.It sits nicely in the hand, is very light and the form factor is just right for carrying around with you all the time. It uses a standard micro-usb port to charge up which is a plus.Accepts SD cards - I moved the SD card from my old Nokia Symbian phone over to the Ace , and was pleased to see that it automatically found all my music, video and photo files.Works extremely well as a phone , unlike some other smartphones. Voice clarity is great and the phone dials quickly without delays.Overall the user experience is very good - no noticeable lag during day to day use.Highly recommended!!
i've just bought this phone as my first smartphone. i had a budget nokia beforehand and got sick of it. i wouldnt describe myself as knowledgeable with smartphones and their gadgets, although i did a fair amount of research to get this one. the close second was the HTC wildfire S. i didnt want a handset too large and the Ace is just about palm size meaning you can hold it in one hand and navigate the screen with your thumb. its practically the same size as an iPhone but significantly smaller than the HTC Desire and Galaxy i9000 S. the layout is intuitive and its just as well as the packaging doesnt include a detailed manual (although one is svailable from the Samsung website) the screen resolution isn't great and wallpaper tends to not come out very well. screen size is 3.5 inch, larger than the wildfire. there's tonnes of Android apps to install, some useful, some not so, and many are free. the phone speed is fairly good (its 800 MHz, again a marginally quicker processor than the wildfire) but you'll notice the baterry life drains pretty quick. i believe this is fairly common to smartphones as there is so much going on on the phone for the baterry to support. on the samsung, you can turn off wi-fi, blue tooth etc to save battery life. also recommended is reducing screen the end, i'm very happy with the phone. for the price, it's one of the best entry/mid level smartphones on the market.
Many years with simple Nokia phones behind me I decided it was time to go for a smartphone I wanted to phone text and have a camera which were on the old phones but also I envied friends getting the internet while mobile being able to read mail talk with Yahoo and play games I waited for the release of the iphone well you would wouldnt you Just in case I would regret not going for an Apple iphone When I saw that the iphone was actually an iphone and a half I decided that I would look for a good alternative and I think I found it with the Samsung galaxy Ace I did a lot of reading and looked at many youtube videos of the various phones available and went for the combination of features and price The Samsung Galaxy Ace is good value for the price - actually...
I purchased the Galaxy Ace for my sister who wanted an iPhone but didn't want the expense of buying one.As I'm an Android user using the Samsung Galaxy S II, the interface was slightly different as it's using Android 2.2 but that's still fine for this device.The screen is extremely clean and the handset itself has a good weight to it. The standard amount of apps are preloaded but these tend to be useful rather than wasteful. Good news is that the camera works a treat and the flash is an excellent edition.On a negative the phone has switched off a few times and the only way to get it working again is to remove the battery, but this never happened to start with, the first week was a joy to use but the intermittent issue is easy to remedy and probably just needs an update to get it sorted which I must check.Overall a good phone especially for the money, shame iPlayer doesn't work but Angry Birds plays beautifully which is a good plus.
I bought this phone from Vodafone as a replacement for my absolutely woeful BlackBerry Torch I had previously had a HTC Desire Z and I knew I wanted to go back to an Android phone due to the large selection of apps unlike BlackBerry If you want an inexpensive phone with a good camera Android and a touchscreen this is probably your best bet I really like the phone it is extremely user-friendly the touchscreen text-messaging took me a while to become accustomed to but altering the XT settings helped me massively Samsung is a reliable brand this is my fourth Samsung model and I've liked all of them The screen is bright clear and the widgets on the home screen are really handy news weather Facebook Twitter etc However as has been mentioned in previous reviews - things like this really sap the battery life which isn't the best However...
I've had this phone for around two months and am definitely pleased with it. It's my second Android phone so I knew what to expect in terms of UI and functionality. The niggles are: - It has switched off of its own accord once in the time I've had it. Not bad considering most phones, especially smartphones, seem to have some instability. I haven't updated the OS and that may resolve some issues. - I've had Android Market fail to update/install certain software - required a quick websearch to solve, but as I understand this particular issue applies to all Android 2.2 devices. - WiFi a bit weak ie. requires a stronger signal than my other WiFi enabled devices. - Lowest ringer volume is a bit loud for an office environment. - Lowest brightness is a bit bright for using at night.Other than that, the screen on max brightness is readable in sunlight, and the camera is a little treat as long as you don't expect SLR performance. Battery usage seemed around 1.5 days but now I charge it every other day - I would consider my use moderate (few calls, some wifi, GPS on always, screen usually at 100% brightness but 30s sleep). Overall I'd recommended it as an entry level smartphone.
I bought this phone after having, and losing, a Galaxy Europa. It's a very, very good upgrade.I use it mainly for the apps; listening to music, watching movies, surfing online, reading books, playing games and the occasional text or call. The excellent flash is mainly used to navigate at nighttime or in dark, enclosed spaces. I've taken a few pictures which are OK but of course not a replacement for my 14MP Fuji.It works, for me, almost as well as my laptop. The convenience of it being so portable overrides the odd glitch. Once in a while it'll freeze for up to a minute, which is frustrating only because I'm so used to it functioning perfectly. The screen is brilliant in good light but suffers in bright daylight. The size is perfect for my pocket (even with a firm, leather case protecting the back and screen) and also using the screen, plus it's much less likely to get lost - unlike the smaller Europa.I can swap my memory cards for day-to-day use or traveling on long journeys (when the movie player comes into it's own). It has no problem recognising the dozens of music albums, dozens of (epub) books or (mp4) movies. The quality of the music is not up to that of an old Nokia express music I have but it is sufficient for my needs.The battery life is superb if you're only making calls, texting or using the games or media. Once you're moving and using the GPS and/or 3G it depletes exceptionally quickly. If you want to use it for the (excellent) Navigation tool you need to either use it sparingly or get an in-car charger. What ever you do, get a casing for it as I'd imagine the screen would scratch easily.